Dress Rehearsal

Fantastic rehearsal last Tuesday everyone! Thank you for your good work. It is a pleasure to hear you and work with you. I have been impressed with the work ethic in the group. 


This Tuesday is a very special rehearsal. Not only is it our last run through before the big concert on 10/21, but part of our session will be spent with composer J Robert Hanson! I'm excited.


Be sure to tell your 'framily' about the concert. When each CICB member brings in 5 people each (or more) we will have sro!


Plan for this Tuesday - concert order:

6:30 thanks to everyone who has been coming early to set up!

7:00 Warm up and tune

7:05 Parade of the Tall Ships

7:15 Sea Songs

7:25 Variations

7:30-8 Session with composer J Robert Hanson on Variations

8:00 Announcements, break, meet the composer!

8:15 The rest of the program:

Drunken Sailor

Glory of the Yankee Navy

South Pacific

Russian Sailor's Dance

9:00 fine' - make a new friend during tear down.

All the best,


Let me know if there is anything you'd like to go over again during the run through.