Thursday 9/18



Kudos on a terrific rehearsal on Tuesday everyone. We should be able to perform every piece in the folder for the fall concert which says a lot about the CICB.




Blue Lake Overture

Be sure you have listened to a recording of this one. You may like seeing how this director re-barred some of the piece into 6/8 & 9/8:


This piece is full of mis-prints (especially in the B section), feel free to ask or correct as needed.

The waltz is meant to be humorous and satirical – have fun with it!

Although the meter is confusing overall, it’s meant to be played impetuously, playfully.

M 113 trombones bring out the quasi gliss (please used suggested positions)


Sea Songs

Roadmap: ALL repeats are good the first time around, D.C. (dal capo al fine’ – i.e. the head, or top) NO repeats thru the DC


Variations on a SSS

M 149 start from soft

This piece will benefit greatly from practice time.

Articulations! Do exactly what the page says!

Variation V will feature the men singing and standing – would be wonderful to memorize.

There is also a 2 part female part. Azure will be unable to perform in this concert so we are looking for volunteers to take part (and lead!)

Enjoy this recording of the original folk tune sung in Swedish:


Parade of the Tall Ships

What a cool piece. No cues.

M 22 lows don’t overplay!

M 40 all on piccolos!

2nd measure from the end – upper ww put a rest on count 4 instead of written


Drunken Sailor


Have fun with this tipsy folk tune.

Any one have ideas for the ships bell sound effect?

10 to the end is a race to the finish. Don’t be last! (I will probably not direct this)


Russian Sailor’s Dance

This is the 1955 movie The Red Poppy. The Russian Sailor’s Dance appears at 26:40-29:50 and is great fun.


You may also enjoy this orchestral recording:

Or this brass band competition:

We will play O to the end MUCH faster than last Tuesday!







Rehearsal this Tuesday will be:

6:30 set up – try it, you’ll like it!

7:00 warm up/tune

7:05 Russian Sailor’s Dance

7:20 Kelvin’s Time

 Variations on a SSS

7:45 Drunken Sailor

7:50 Announcements/Break

8:00 Variations on a SSS

8:25 Blue Lake

If Time: Sea Songs, Parade of the Tall Ships

9:00 Fine’, tear down (thanks for helping!)






10/14 Dress Rehearsal

10/21 Fall Concert “Set Sail With Us!”