See you tomorrow!

Hope you are having a great week and enjoying the mild weather. The CICB really accomplished a lot last week. Tomorrow night will be the first of 3 rehearsals that will be split between the Irish concert prep and the MMEA/MBDA prep. I'm looking forward to a fast paced night! We will make the most of every minute:

7:00 40 Shades of Green 

7:15 Irish Tune

7:30 Legend and Lore

7:45 Kelvin's time

(If anyone has access to an Irish drum called a Bodran, let me know. It is called for in Legend and Lore.)

After some announcements and a quick break we will start reading the mea/mbda music. Until we get an order from them, let's go thru them in alphabetical order starting with Acceptance. There are 24 pieces for us to go over. Looks like a fun line up of music. We will try to run 10 of them tomorrow.


All Through the Silent Night

Cave You Fear (will take some time)

Circus Days (we did just a couple years ago)

Downtown Dash

Dragon Dance

Early English Suite

Ere the World

Kitchen Can Can

Latin Folk Song (will take some time)


Magical Hats

Morning Mist

Northland Pines


Olde Tyme Waltz

Prehistoric Suite



Simple Gifts

Slavonic Folk Suite

plus a few more that will be handed out!