IRELAND: Of Legend & Lore


Greetings all. Hope your holiday and holiday break were great. The Calhoun Christmas Concert was memorable. The band displayed a high level of musicianship and professionalism. With Kim adding the Cup of Christmas Tea reading, the production value was tremendous. The audience was as warm as they were numerous. I look forward to the next part of the season.

Thank you for your attendance at rehearsal last Tuesday - probably the coldest night of the winter and you were there! That's inspirational. Our next concert is St Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17. It will include:

Irish Washerwoman

Irish Rhapsody

Lord of the Dance

40 Shades of Green

Irish Tune from the County Derry

IRELAND: Of Legend & Lore

This last piece arrived today and will be ready to hand out and rehearse this coming Tuesday. I'm anxious to share it with you. It's a challenging piece, you may wish to download it before we read it.

For the Entr'acte - we would like to feature chamber ensembles from within the CICB. Perhaps there is an untapped woodwind or brass quintet, sax quartet or who knows what combination. If you are interested, let Tiffany know. Two pieces we will be doing for sure during the chamber intermission are:

Bugler's Holiday (with full band accompaniment)

Nearer My God To Thee by Lowell Mason arranged by Mark Elrod and transcribed by Kenneth Friedrich

David Paulson brought this piece to my attention and I'm looking forward to doing it. It is written for 2 to 3 trumpets, 3 horns, 2 trombones, 1-4 euphs, tuba, snare and bass drum. This, and other chamber groups, will have to practice before rehearsal or on their own - but could run their piece during rehearsal intermission or briefly after practice (we need to be packed and out no later than 9:30). If you would like to play on the Nearer My God, please contact David. If we end up with a lot of ensembles, we may run some pre-concert. 

Also, expect MBDA/MMEA and Pops Concert ("An Evening of Jazz") music to be passed out and read as we go.

Throw in BandWidth and the Summer Series and... I'm excited for 2015!