Concert and rehearsal info


Fanfare for the Common Man

Keep the tempo moving – esp on straight quarter note phrases. The trumpets and trombones are invited to play this piece standing for better projection and breathing. Euphs can either stand or be seated in row 3 with the horns. Tubas are fine where they are. We will stage this on Tuesday. The woodwinds will be off stage during the fanfare at the concert.


Overture for Woodwinds

Practice at mm=76/152. Download a quality recording. Exaggerate dynamics, esp m. 27 & 28. Observe articulations, listen closely for balance this Tuesday. This piece will be included in the summer series as well. Time to clean it.


The Cowboys

Fantastic work on this terrific piece. Repeated quarter notes separated during Vigoroso sections. Make it dance. All parts are important – work those inner lines. Keep editing and adapting ad lib. Work on double tonguing – keep it light. Practice the ww & euph runs slowly. m 180-188 belong to the bassoons. m. 233-241 pizzacato in lows. Give the last measure weight and wait.


Simple Song

Explore the softer dynamics. Tempo at m. 5 = 88 (m 22, 23, 44 & 45 are faster at mm=96). Percussion, be sure all notes in the mallet part are covered on as many 8vas as possible on bells and lower xy (reinforce with triangle and light sus cymbal).


Concerto for Horn

Great work on this horn section. All: in mvt 3 keep the staccato figures light. Be sure the horns can be heard at all times. In an effort to keep the band accompaniment as transparent as possible, we will use no cues. In the summer mix.


Country Gardens


Jekyll & Hyde

I would encourage you to youtube the songs from this great musical (esp. This Is The Moment We will play the half notes at m. 8 & 9 very deliberately – do not take the allegro tempo (140) until m. 10. Have fun making this piece dramatic. In the summer mix.


Gallant 7th

mm = 120. Pace yourself. Keep it light.


We will be saving the First Suite in Eb for concert 2.


Take time to spread the word on what promises to be a stunning concert. Post on your social network sites.



7 concerto for horn

7:15 Cowboys

7:40 Simple Song

7:50 Ov for WW

8:00 Fanfare

8:10 Kelvin’s time

8:35 Jekyll & Hyde


Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.