Only 3 rehearsals left (including this week and the dress) before our Holiday Concert. This Tuesday's rehearsal will be an important session. Please come prepared (practice, listening & on time - the usual recipe!) It's also time to invite all your contacts via word of mouth and social media. 

Let's line up this Tuesday like this:

Emmanuel Variants starting @ 12

Shaker (do we have interest in a soprano solo?); woodwinds play all cues between 10-13; see notes from last week.

Joy mm=160; exaggerate accents; interpret the legato with a soft attack (dah) but still separated. 

Saterjenten's mm=52, heavy vibrato, all play (no cues), consider flute staging

Star Wars - prepare mvts 3 & 5


Christmas Sing Along if time

Here are links to good recordings of our holiday program. Included are the entire Awakenings Suite and Appalachian Spring. Let me know if this works and if it is helpful.

Joy – our arrangement

Awakening – complete original suite by Joseph Curiale

1.     Compassion

2. Forgiveness

3. Joy – original

First Suite

Saterjentens Sontag

Variations on a Shaker Melody

Appalachian Spring

Emmanuel Variants

Star Wars Epic part 1

Star Wars Epic part 2

Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Hope you're having a good weekend. And Skol Vikes!