Great progress last week everyone. I appreciate your hard work during the holiday week. We are down to our last regular rehearsal this Tuesday, then the 'dress' followed by the concert on 12/15. Let's get a room full of people to share this music with! 

This Tuesday will be a combination of 'knock down drag out' and play thru. Please be prompt and prepared:

Christmas Sing A Long - will be the 'warm up' (don't blow your chops on this easy chart, feel free to sit parts out)

Joy - I'm looking forward to digging into this to another level

Star Wars - we will work on #3, 5 (try slower and much more dynamic) & 6, play thru 1, 2, 4 if time

Emmanuel - work on 178-end & 113, play through if time

Shaker Tune - Macro approach (woodwinds play all 'run' cues from 10-13)

Saterjenten's - play through if time (heavy vibrato, light percussion, build arcs)

First Suite