I hope you had a great weekend and are as excited as I am about our concert this Tuesday night. The CICB has no problem filling the Jefferson Auditorium with great music, let's accompany that on Tuesday by filling it will a great crowd! Social media alert: Jefferson is the place to be this Tuesday. If everyone brings 5 audience members = a big crowd. If each CICB'er brings 10 audience members = standing room only!

You all know the best practices to prepare for a performance: practice those tricky parts, listen to quality recordings, be sure your horn is ready, talk up the concert, proper rest and nutrition, pick out your holiday flair - you know the drill.

Call time is 6:30 but CICB'ers are encouraged to come earlier to park away from the school in deference to our audience, polish that horn, get the music in order, do your personal warm up and tuning routine, help set the stage, etc...

Our warm up will begin at 6:30 with a run thru of Christmas Sing Along and Joy and chunks of Emmanuel as well as requests from the band and tuning.

The concert starts at 7:00 - here is the concert order with a few notes:

Joy - aiming for mm=150

First Suite

Saterjenten's Sontag

Shaker Tune

Emmanuel - trumpets and trombones don't drag the fanfare on meas 1

Christmas Sing Along - marcato and confident in opening and closing measures. Pace your self on this one.

trombone quartet: Good King Wenceslas

Star Wars Epic - be a hero on this epic adventure!

- on Dual of the Fates: lows be sure to anticipate esp. meas 5-30, add crescendo means 23 & 24. 'Open up' the 16th notes in means 54.

- on Forest Battle at meas. 15, be sure the upbeat accents are exaggerated in the bsn, bass clar, tenor, bari sax and oafs. 

On the Main Theme - trumpets horns up at mess 4, all make last measure heavy with a sense of finality. 

Looking forward to seeing you all this Tuesday!