Thank you so much for your attendance and great work last night. The more we dig in to this fantastic music, the more we discover additional issues to address.  Sorry I was a party pooper on a couple things last night. I'm especially regretful about my rushing on the snare drum as we were trying to dissect rhythms on Joy (even the 'old man' gets nervous some times).

This Tuesday is our last rehearsal on this music before the concert on Dec 15. We will run thru all the charts in concert order - and have time to honor requests to work certain passages again. Here is the concert  and dress rehearsal order with notes attached.

(We will 'warm up' on Christmas Sing Along as we haven't had much time to work this one)

Joy - goal tempo is mm=150 for the concert. Take a minute to review the things we worked on last night and give one more listen to a quality recording.

First Suite

Saterjenten's Sontag - Take your time on this one. Pitch and tone. Accompany always. Percussion please add some light wind chimes on the first two measures and a light cymbal roll with crescendo in measure 18 to 19. 

Shaker - the second reading of this last night was much improved. Wonderful solo playing. I'm not worried about this piece except for the clarinet soli at 13 which we will re-visit on Tuesday. Let me know how I can help. 

Emmanuel - the band sounds amazing on this fun piece. Remember: not too loud too soon, keep the integrity of the 8th notes throughout. At 191 please change dynamic to fp. At 198 add a fp with crescendo to the release.

Sing Along - I will be turning to conduct audience as needed. Pace yourself on this one.

For the interlude we have one cicb chamber group (trombone 4tet) playing  holiday selection I'm sure you will enjoy.

Star Wars - Great progress on mvt 3 last night. Practice the Forest Battle at different tempos. Channel the LSO, especially on the iconic last movement.

In general, play with confidence. "Please go for it." This will come with further individual practice and listening to recordings to hear how your part fits into the whole. Let  me know if you have any suggestions, requests, ideas, etc.