Tomorrow, Valentine's Day starts out with a special performance by the CICB at the MMEA State Music Convention in a session sponsored by MBDA. Your participation is appreciated by me and all the enthusiastic music educators that will be in the audience. We will be in the Minneapolis Convention Center room L100A on the lower level. Dress in black, bring your horn and music, stands and chairs are provided. Bring mutes, etc... as needed. Call time is 8:00 for set up, warm up, tuning and a play through of Slavonic Folk Suite. Be sure your section leader knows if you are going to be late/absent. Let's have fun with this great music. Let me know if you have any questions. Some reminders:

-observe the dynamics and effects, go after articulations.

-use cues only for parts missing/underrepresented.

-We will be taking NO repeats. If there is a fine', we will end there the first time. If there is a coda, jump to the coda the first time.

-watch, listen, make music!

Be ready to hand each piece in to your section leader after each work has been performed. Be ready to move quickly between pieces. 


Ere The World Began to Be
     Kitchen Can-Can
     Olde Tyme Waltz
Circus Days
     Simple Gifts
     All Through the Silent Night
Slavonic Folk Suite
     Magical Hats and Happenings
Falcon Spirit March
The Cave You Fear
     Prehistoric Suite
Downtown Dash
Northland Pines
Morning Mist
Latin Folk Song Trilogy
     Dragon Dance
Early English Suite
Sassafras Tea