Thanks from MBDA!

What a great year it's been so far. The Sailing concert, the Calhoun Christmas and yesterday a very successful reading session at the state music convention. We had 45 musicians playing through 24 pieces in 90 minutes. MBDA was very grateful as was Doug Schmitt. Thank you so much for giving back to the music education community.

Now we're onto the St Patrick's concert, the Jazz flavored Pops concert and of course the summer circuit. Since there is so little prep time for the pops and summer, we will begin reading some of the spring/summer music starting this week. This Tuesday will be be a full, busy and fun rehearsal. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

6:30 Set up!

7:00 Warm-up and Tune

7:05 Irish Tune

7:15 Legend and Lore

7:35 Kelvin's time

7:50 Announcements/short break - BRASS= Nearer My God

8:00 Sight Read spring music

8:25 Bugler's Holiday

8:30 40 Shades

8:35 Irish Washerwoman

8:45 T-Bone Party

9:00 Fine' and tear down!