Hope you are all having a great week. Last Tuesday's rehearsal went very well. I was pleased with all we got accomplished. And thanks to the low brass for a tasty party. Now is the time to be inviting your family and friends to the Irish concert on 3/17. This will be a special concert. Let's build on the great audience turn out we enjoyed for the Holiday Concert. BIG NEWS: I have been in contact with Timothy Smith, local composer of 40 Shades of Green. He will be coming to our March 10 dress rehearsal and plans on attending our St Patrick's Day concert. I'm excited! It's always special to work with the composer. Remember for this concert we are open to showcasing smaller chamber ensembles from within the CICB. As of now we have the trumpet trio on Bugler's Holiday and the brass choir on nearer My God To Thee. We have a spot for one more group during the program and possibly others if they want to play before the concert. Please let president Tiffany or I know if you are interested. 


6:30 Help set up - our crew leader Jeanette can't make it.

 7:00 warm up/Tune

7:05 40 Shades

7:15 Legend & Lore

7:30 Irish Tune

7:40 Kelvin's time

8:05 Announcements, break, Nearer My God

8:15 Sight read Fanfare, The Symphonic Gershwin, Spiritual, Mambo, At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral, Let the Light Shine!

8:55 Irish Washerwoman