No blarney

Greetings all! Fantastic rehearsal last Tuesday. I am really excited about the upcoming concerts. We will be very busy bringing wonderful music to our audiences. (how cool was it to read the Symphonic Gershwin last week?) 

Get the word out to your 'framily' to attend! It's always more fun to play for a full house - truly the more the merrier.

This Tuesday will be our last 'regular' rehearsal before the 'Luck of the Irish' dress rehearsal and concert. You attendance is valued. N.B. One last reminder that we are open to having more chamber ensembles perform during the interlude - let me or Tiffany know if you are interested.

40 Shades of Green composer Timothy Smith will join us for the dress rehearsal and work on his composition. He will also be guest conducting at the concert on St Patty's Day! 

The plan THIS Tuesday is to touch on all the Irish concert music during the 7 o'clock hour, in concert order:

Irish Washerwoman

Irish Rhapsody

Lord of the Dance

Bugler's Holiday

Nearer My God

40 Shades

Irish Tune

Legend and Lore

Let me know if there are parts you want to work on in particular.

After a short break we will be sight reading more music for the Jazz Pops Concert including some that will be passed out (Fanfare, In the Mood, Dave Brubeck Portrait, Blues Brothers Revue) some that have been passed out (Mambo, Saharan Reggae) and if time give a second reading to others (Spiritual, Dixie Jazz Funeral, Symphonic Gershwin, Lightshine).