Pot 'o Gold

Not a week goes by that I don't reflect on how grateful I am to be associated with the CICB.

What a terrific dress rehearsal and meet the composer session we had last Tuesday night! Tim Smith was fun to work with and was genuinely impressed with the CICB. Be sure to get the word out that Jefferson School will be the place to be this Tuesday night, March 17 at 7:00. It's going to be a special night. Remember call time is 6:30 - that's when we will begin our warm up and tuning session. Thank you in advance for taking this extra time. As always, please make me aware of any musical passages you want to revisit be fore the downbeat at 7. Set up will begin at 6:00. Concert order will be:

Irish Washerwoman

Irish Rhapsody

Lord of the Dance

Bugler's Holiday

Nearer My God To Thee (thanks for moving saxes!)

40 Shades of Green

Irish tune

IRELAND: Legend and Lore

We should be done by 8. 

N.B. Last December we enjoyed an immediate standing ovation from a large and warm crowd at the Holiday Concert. We had no encore for them. IF we should get a repeat reception after our last piece this Tuesday, the encore will be Irish Washerwoman from L to the end - basically as fast and fun as we can play it. So... after Legend and Lore I will ask soloists Meghan, Dan, Margie, possibly the low ww, maybe the penny whistlers, to stand - then ask everyone to stand in appreciation of our audience. IF there is an immediate standing ovation, we WILL be doing the encore. Please have the music out and ready. Your cue to sit down and prepare to play will be when (if) I take the podium. Better to be ready for such a scenario than wish we had planned ahead. Be sure to get the word out to your stand partners and section.

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you have a great week. As time allows, download and practice the Irish music as well as the upcoming pops music. It's going to be a fun spring.

I look forward to our music making this Tuesday.