The Beat Goes On

What a truly fantastic concert last Tuesday! Memorable. Good sized crowd with a lot of great energy and comments. Loved the bling. Congrats to all! Kudos to our soloists, penny whistlers, set up and tear down crews, David and Dennis for addressing the audience, Mat for the program, the percussion section for covering a myriad of parts, and everyone for selling the last minute encore! What a great night to be part of.

Now we move on to Bandwidth and the Pops (while also covertly preparing for the summer series). We only have 5 rehearsals to prepare a ton of great music. As always, your attendance is vital and any practice and auditing our music will continue to pay off.

This Tuesday looks like this starting at 7:00:

7:00 Spiritual

7:05 Saharan Reggae

7:20 Symphonic Gershwin

7:45 Dave Brubeck (thru meas 68 only)

7:55 Fanfare

8:10 In the Mood

8:15 At a Dixieland Jazz Fest

8:25 Let the Lightshine

8:35 Blues Brothers

8:45 Mambo

(If time: Parade of the Tall Ships and Alleluia Laudames Te which will be played at Bandwidth!)

As always, please feel free to let me know of any question or comments.