March Madness


Good job reading through the jazz pops concert music. It's going to be a fun one. We DO NOT have practice this week due to spring break. I wish you all a Happy Easter! That leaves us with only 4 vital rehearsals to prepare for both Bandwidth and the Pops. In the meantime, practice is important as is listening to good performances of our music. Here is some suggested listening:

Fanfare (for the new) was originally written for the Stan Kenton Band seen here: Also check out some of the DCI recordings on youtube if time

Don Gillis wrote Symphony 51/2 for the NBC Orchestra conducted by Arturo Tosconini. Spiritual is the second movement.

At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral/ Several good versions of this on youtube, like Canadian Brass is another good reference, this arrangement ironically by Don Gillis:

Finnish composer and tubist Jukka Viitasaari, has several compositions published by Grand Mesa and TRN, studied with Paul Niemisto (St Olaf). His other most famous work is Arctic Samba (no, I’m not kidding) You can view his linkedin page at:

The Symphonic Gershwin can be heard here: or here:

Mambo. Here is the original clip: Our version is from a marching band arrangement and there is always Dudamel:

I am looking for a volunteer to write a script to help take the audience through the jazz pops concert. And for someone to serve as emcee (could be the same person). Let me know if you are interested.


The "Evening of Jazz" Pops Concert Program is:

Fanfare for the New


At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral

The Symphonic Gershwin

In The Mood


A Portrait in Time to measure 69 only

Blues Brothers Revue

Let the Lightshine (brass please work on the solo section)


The program for BANDWIDTH is:

Parade of the Tall Ships


The Symphonic Gershwin  

Bugler’s Holiday

Sarahan Reggae

Alleluia Laudames Te