Lucky Charms

I'm super excited about our dress rehearsal this week and the upcoming LUCK OF THE IRISH concert. The CICB is sounding fantastic on this music and I look forward to sharing it with a large audience. Get the word out there that Jefferson Community School will be the place to be on St Patrick's Day, starting at... lucky 7 o'clock of course!

The plan for our 'dress' rehearsal this week is:

6:30 set up

7:00 Warm up, tune, play through Irish Washerwoman 

7:20 Rehearsal with 40 Shades of Green composer Tim Smith

7:50 announcements and break

8:00 Play through in concert order:

Irish Washerwoman, mm = 140+ w/accel at end, adapt/edit ww parts ad lib as needed

Irish Rhapsody

Lord of the Dance

Bugler's Holiday, mm = 180, watch dynamics, trio out front, work on ending if time

Nearer My God, mm = 80, set up ideas? softer on repeat

40 Shades of Green w/composer Tim Smith!

Irish Tune from County Derry mm = 80, one/part m 33-41

IRELAND: Legend and Lore - watching and listening to you play this last week was inspirational - so musical! Start crescendos from soft. Sing out! No break meas. 151-152 - same tempo. Be sure to cover gong at m. 191. Do not play mea 203 (timpani cadenza) Subdivide @ 204. Soloists stand after (Catherine, Meghan, Dan).

Reading the Jazz Pops music with you has been so fun. IF there is time at the end of rehearsal, we still have some pops tunes to sight read: In The Mood, Saharan Reggae and Dave Brubeck: A Portrait in Time. In the meantime, enjoy downloading this great music. Any practice time you can squeeze into your schedule will pay off come performance time as always.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!