No foolin'


Happy April Fool's Day! A minor holiday without the CiCB doesn't feel right!

Looking forward to digging into the spring music with you this coming Tuesday! Practice time is encouraged as is downloading quality recordings of our music (see last week's blog). This is a great way to hear how your part fits into the overall piece. Thank you in advance for your contribution during these few, precious rehearsals. Please alert your section leader if you are going to be late/absent. Volunteers for the set up/tear down crew are always appreciated.

Time to get the word out - tell your family, friends and associates about our Evening of Jazz on Tuesday May 5. Mat and your board are already working on advertising efforts.

The first hour this Tuesday will be on music which will be performed at the Pops only, the second hour music is for both Bandwidth and the Pops:

7:00 Fanfare - add jazz phrasing and articulations

7:20 Dixie Jazz Funeral - identify dixie band membership, staging

7:40 Let the Light Shine - work on 'solo' section mea. 85-125 

8:00 break

8:10 Gershwin - transitions, style

8:30 Saharan Reggae - getting our premier piece under our fingers

8:45 Parade of the Tall Ships, Alleluia - review as time allows

Others on the plate include: Spiritual, In the Mood, Portrait in Time, Blues Brothers, Mambo, Bugler's Holiday

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.