Jazz Time

Great turn out for another solid rehearsal. Thanks for your continued good efforts.

We have our work cut out for us with the upcoming schedule. 2 rehearsals and the run thru left for Bandwidth and Pops. With that in mind - I'd like to challenge you with a few items:

-Take time to download quality recordings of our music for playback while driving or at work if possible. Original recordings are the best. The more we can absorb the style of these great jazz charts the better. Get to know how your part fits in with the full band.

-Any practice time will pay off in a more enjoyable performance.

-If possible, please come early to rehearsal on Tuesday for a good individual warm up - we will tune at 7 and be on our way!

Here's the plan:

6:00 CICB Big Band in basement

6:30 CICB set up

7:00 Fanfare (upper brass and ww, have 20-25 under your fingers)

7:15 Brubeck - meas 9-69 only

7:25 Lightshine - lighter (brass revisit the good work you did on the improv part 93-123)

7:40 Mambo & Blues Brothers

8:05 Announcements/Break

8:15 Gershwin (if you happen to have a large bulb auto horn, please bring!)

8:45 Saharan

As time allows to be chosen from In the Mood, Bugler's Holiday, Spiritual, Dixie jazz funeral

9:00 fine' and tear down 

As always. let me know if you have any questions or concerns