Something's Coming

Fantastic work on Tuesday. It’s just amazing how much we get done in a short period of time.

We only have one full rehearsal (this Tuesday May 26) and one half rehearsal left. (June 2 shared with the annual Member Meeting and Percussion Packing Party) This Tuesday we will be playing through ALL the summer music, leaving final touches and requests for June 2.

We will start with West Side Story, then go back to the beginning of the program:

Parade of the Tall Ships


The Symphonic Gershwin

The Drunken Sailor

Nearer My God to Thee

In the Mood

Bugler’s Holiday

At a Dixieland Jazz Funeral

Blues Brothers Revue



If you had to miss Tuesday’s rehearsal, here are the changes for the week:



m. 87 (One Hand One Heart) add ritard

m. 91 very slow


PART II (Mambo)

Here are the clips I promised of Dudamel:



m. 34-39 change all Fp’s to p with extreme crescendo right on release (comical)

m. 49 add fermata



(Amercia) Repeat meas. 107-114 inclusive (bigger 2nd time)

94 (Cool) use a ‘jazz swing’ triplet interpretation feel on all 8th and dotted 8th/16th patterns. Finger snaps can be used throughout song. If it’s been awhile since you’ve watched it, check out

104-112 work the bassoon, bass clar, euph, tuba part.

127 (Somewhere) play this measure twice, 1st time just the pedal, 2nd time add trumpet solo

143 add ritard to end


Keep having fun with the dynamics!

Stay tuned – more to come this Tuesday! As always, let me know of your ideas on this project.