Hard to believe how much good work the gets done each Tuesday. Great attendance and attention this week. I’m anxious to share the fruits of labor with our summer series friends. We have a wonderful program to share.

This Tuesday’s rehearsal will begin with the annual member meeting. The second half will be our final rehearsal. We plan on doing West Side Story, sections of the Gershwin and Drunken Sailor. This will be our last run through so be sure to let me know if there is anything else you’d like to run/review. Following this will be tear down and the Percussion Packing Party.




Take a look and listen to the prologue of the 1961 movie.

Very cool stuff. It might be effective if a members(s) of the band did a take on this while I introduce the WSS set. A whistler or two with a little bongo background for effect would go a long way to set the mood. Let me know if you are willing/interested. It would all be freeform and subtle. It won’t be long in duration.

 m.1 - we will hold the opening chord for about 10 seconds. After the first two notes, stay soft for most of those 10 seconds only crescendo at the very end.

m. 15 keep the background beguine part soft.

m. 42 space the quarter notes on counts 3 & 4

m. 49 low brass and ww feel free to stretch the octavo basso.

m. 51 project all 4 clarinet parts evenly – or even bottom heavy.

m. 53 more low octave stretching!

PART III Officer Krupke

Watch the repeated accidentals.

m. 21 et al, exaggerate a strict dotted quarter/sixteenth feel (NOT triplet style).

m. 50 not too slow


m 104 low ww & brass part

m. 114 change dotted quarter note on count 1 to a quarter note followed by an eighth rest (in other words, put a space between the 2 notes)

m. 123 no snapping in this measure

m. 126 no trombones

m. 138, 143 & 144 add a breath mark at end of measure

m. 145 one per part only = 1 flute, 1 oboe (no bassoon), 1 of each clarinet 1, 2 & 3.