Concert kudos to all! Two very inspiring concerts in 3 days. Many in attendance took time to come up and say enthusiastically how much they enjoyed the Jazz concert. The after glow buzz in the hall was palpable. I was impressed with your performance of such a wide variety of music. Truly a special night. Shout outs to:

-Kim Ode for creating and presenting the script! A pro.

-Mat for the program and poster.

-All who helped move percussion and other equipment.

-Everyone for your patience setting up while the engineers set the lights.

-All of our fantastic soloists.

-The Sax section for your In the Mood feature - Bravo.

-Big Band members for your extra rehearsals and performance.

-Clarinet Rachel for having 18 people in attendance! (if we all had that following the hall would be so, including the balcony)

-All for your flexibility of doing a last minute encore.

-Your visual additions. Fun!


On to the summer - the first half of the concert will be:

Parade of the Tall Ships



Bugler's Holiday

In the Mood

Dixie Jazz Funeral

Blues Brothers

The first three pieces will always be played, the last four will be rotated.

The second half will be music from WEST SIDE STORY (wss). We will be creating our own arrangement:

Part 1=Sweeney arrangement from meas 1-9, vs segue to the Bocook arrangement from meas. 1-93.

Part 2=Mambo 

Part 3=Gee Officer Krupke - take a listen to this piece. It's a novelty number with a ton of effects and accidentals. Have fun with it! We will be eliminating counts 2 and 3 from measure 42, and turn measures 41 and 42 into one measure of 4/4.

Part 4=Sweeney arrangement from measure 91-115, segue vs to Bocook arrangement meas 94-end. It will be a soft ending just like the original, which will be different but very effective.

Rehearsal this Tuesday will begin by putting together WSS. Following will be Spiritual - I would like to play the A section a second time with all playing the cues, inserting it right before C (intro, A, B, A, C, D). We will end with a full run of WSS.

Looking forward to seeing you then. As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.