Big rehearsal this Tuesday

Great working with you all again last Tuesday. We are well on our way to a terrific concert. Exciting. This coming Tuesday will be important as all the music will be in as we approach our October rehearsals and performance. To help with our short prep time, practicing, listening and making the best use of rehearsal time is vital. We will start at 7:00. Let me know if you have any questions.

7:00 tune (please warm up on your own before 7)

7:05 The Cowboys, We need to clean this one up. Please practice at a slower tempo (work on your double tonguing and/or editing you part as needed (feather or simplify).

7:30 Concerto for Horn (flutes and horns exchange seats)

7:50 Overture for WW (brass and percussion break)

8:00 Fanfare for the Common Man (ww break)

8:10 Jekkyl and Hyde (may want to take a listen to this before Tuesday)

8:30 Country Gardens

8:40 Gallant 7th

if time, Simple Song