ballet edits

Rehearsal plan for this Tuesday:

6:30 set up, individual warm up

7:00 tune

7:05 Ballet du Plaisr

7:20 Firebird

8:05 break

8:15 Danzon

8:30 French Ballet

8:45 Galop

8:55 Sabre Dance

9:00 tear down



@ THE BALLET EDITS (in concert order)


Ballet du Plaisir


Beginning to B – trombones=bells up

Beginning to A – ww add accent to beginning of each run

A – clarinets & alto I play straight repeated 16ths (or 8ths)

As per usual have fun exaggerating the dynamics and articulations

All – add an accent to last note (button)




Looking for a piano player on this one

Listen to recording and emulate style


Themes from French Ballet

Lots of transitions for us to work on




VERY crisp, showcase for ww

@ 137 mm = 200 – conducted in 1



THE FIREBIRD (played as one)

The Firebird arr by Bocook

We will be playing the first part of this arrangement which features the Princesses Round. This arrangement has not come in yet – we hope to read it this coming Tuesday.


Infernal Dance and finale arr Balent

Mm=168, but practice it slower.

Work for the greatest variety in your dynamic and articulate personal performance.

Bassoon split part ad lib.

25 cresc to 27

Add ratchet roll meas 36 & 38.

62 play with confidence – it’s supposed to sound this way!

Change measure 74 count 3 to 2 16ths & an 8th note.

Add timpani (on A) bass drum and tam tam roll into 75 with crescendo.

75 exagerate accents

75 in ‘1’

91 in ‘2’

103 in ‘1’, start soft and cresc and accell. to end.

115 hold this note out as a fermata, very big. On release timp (on A) bass drum and tam tam roll into 116 (as at meas 75)

116 fine’ for this arrangement


Firebird Suite arr by Longfield

Follow all arranger’s performance comments on this well done piece.

1 mm=60, very soft, it’s a lullaby.

47 et al keep all trills/tremelos slow

77 dotted lines indicate sub division on 7/4 – when there are two 2’s in a row, I will conduct as 4/4. Pace yourself to the end

93 brass, each note will be conducted.

97 grand pause after

98 start very soft, double triangle roll


Sabre Dance = encore

Mm=172+, line up linear lines throughout

Watch repeats

Add xylo to oboe part (I will bring this week)

D to F play twice

-1st time = soft (one per part ad lib), solo saxophone, clarinets out

-2nd time = as written, tutti

36 & 37 = add forte piano

40 = add crescendo

41 = play this measure twice

G trumpets with mutes, play out

50 & 51 add woodblock on bass drum part