@the Ballet

REHEARSAL PLAN for this Tuesday will be similar to last week

Ballet du Plaisir




Themes from French Ballet

Sabre Dance


It’s looking like we will not be able to rehearse on Minnesota primary day March 1. That will make Feb 23 our dress rehearsal and only 4 regular rehearsals left barring any blizzards! That presents the usual challenges – make every effort to attend and be on time. Any time spent in listening and practicing will pay off.


The program is coming together really well. I’m excited. And I’m pleased with our adaptation of Firebird, especially with the addition of the Princesses Round arranged by Bocook (passed out last week).


Thanks to everyone who volunteered to announce for the @the Ballet concert. We have enough – I will let our emcees know what piece they will be doing this Tuesday. In the meantime – get the word out about this special concert.


Looking forward to making music with you this Tuesday,