When you experience something exhilarating, you want to do it again. With that in mind, we will do the very same rehearsal order this Tuesday. Last week was fun and productive - I wish we could have kept going. Only a few rehearsals left before we are @the Ballet. Tell your 'framily' to plan on sharing this special event with us Tuesday, March 8 @ 8. 

Rehearsal order and notes:

Ballet of Pleasure - cleaner, ww start all trills with an accent.

Firebird - this is going really well. Thanks for your good work last week.

Danzon - bring out both the written and the agogic accents.

Themes - we'll keep working the transitions.

Galop - clean

Sabre - thanks for working with the met last week! We'll do it without this week - but with the same tempo - practice at 176.