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'Enthusiastic concert band seeking appreciative audience. Meet Tuesday, Oct 18 @ 7pm, Jefferson Community School Auditorium, Uptown Minneapolis.'

This concert promo is written in the style of the early CICB publicity committee. You may want to use it when inviting former members to our concert. We're calling the concert: REFLECTIONS ON CALHOUN: 35th Anniversary Season Opener. I will recognize and thank all former band members in the audience and ask them to stand. It should be a special evening.

Thanks for your great work at Tuesday's rehearsal. Kudos to the percussion section for coming an hour early to hold a sectional. With only one rehearsal left, this coming Tuesday will be of extra importance. The plan is to rehearse a few spots, then run the entire program in order, followed by touching up chunks including requests from the band. Here is the concert order with some notes:

Ride - practice at 167, exaggerate dynamics

Let Us Break Bread Together - your most sonorous tone with plenty of breath support

Second Suite - we all know this piece, so why not make it your peak performance. We will work the 1st mV a bit at the beginning of rehearsal.

Do Not Go Gentle/Nearer My God  - see notes below

Washington Post

As always, any time afforded to practice and listening will pay off come the 18th.

Have a great weekend and see you Tuesday,



1 - rubato

15 - ww group in 3's

37-48 ww 1/part

51 - practice the allegro at 160, dig deeper

122 - saxes, tongue and accent each note

162-167 - ww 1/part

190 - in strict time, non rubato

Tune early and often 

230 - if you are playing in this measure, keep sustaining this concert Bb till the downbeat of m. 5 of Nearer