7 days w/o cicb makes 1 weak

At the last rehearsal president Mary challenged us all to start rehearsals on time. I'd like to accept that challenge starting this Tuesday. Please do you best to arrive early, help set up and complete your individual warm up. We will take a tuning note at 6:59 with the downbeat of rehearsal coming right at 7:00. To raise the stakes, we will start rehearsal with the piece that needs the most attention and may also be your favorite to play, Grainger's Children's March (again we will begin rehearsing at 7:00, not just a play thru or warm up).

I'm looking forward to working with you on Tuesday:

6:30 set up

6:59 tuning note

7:00 Children's March (we are still in need of a piano player to feature on this)

7:30 Greensleeves

7:45 Christmas Prism

7:55 Annoucements/Break/Section work on Prism (section leaders please be prepared to run a short sectional on your Prism feature)

8:15 Prism

8:25 Jingle Bells

8:45 Patapan

If time: Grinch, Holiday on Ice, Childhood Hymn, Chas. Brown

9:00 Fine' & Tear Down

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns and have a great weekend.