Terrific rehearsal last week everyone. Good work and a lot of fun. I was really impressed how the sections took on the Prism challenge. Great to watch, very creative. We will not be having organized sectional times to work on your features - your section may want to gather before/after rehearsal or meet during the break.

Our Childhood Christmas Concert is quickly approaching - Tuesday Dec 13 @ 7:00 pm. Two 'regular' rehearsals remain with Dec 6 reserved for a 'dress' rehearsal/play through. We're all busy with Thanksgiving coming up, I appreciate your time, attendance and contribution at this Tuesday's practice. We will continue to begin right at 7:00. 

Kim Ode will be doing a reading of "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus". We are looking for an 8 year old girl (around 8 anyway) to play the part of Virginia by reading the original letter to the editor to set up Kim's reading. (it's only a couple lines long) Perhaps you have a relative that would be good for this role. If so, please let me know.

Get the word out about the concert. Our goal is to have each cicb member bring in at least 5 audience members each. 

The CICB always has fun sporting Holiday Flare with their concert black at this performance. If you have additional ways to make this concert even more unique, please let me know. I love hearing your ideas.

Below is the line up for this Tuesday night with notes:

7:00 PATAPAN We will rehearse the ending first (115 to end) before taking it from the top. Tempo markings are: meas 1=mm 80; meas 43=mm 100; meas 49=mm 112; meas 115=mm 132; meas 145=mm 140. 

7:15 CHILDREN'S MARCH We've been unable to find a piano player so all piano cues are in. Practice this piece at mm=126. Woodwinds please look at 261

7:30 JINGLE BELLS practice at mm=150, meas 72 = mm 160! Woodwinds please work on runs. As always adapt/edit as needed.


8:05 BREAK

8:15 PRISM Order is trumpets (balcony), horns (pit stage left?), flutes, clarinets (stage right), dbl reeds/saxes, low brass, percussion (all enter stage during this), tutti

8:30 With whatever time is left we will run the lighter tunes: Grinch, Childhood Hymn, Charlie Brown, Holiday on Ice