Super Duper Tuesday

Great rehearsal last Tuesday everyone. We got a lot done and had some fun in the process. I enjoy collaborating with each of you. The result will surely be a fantastic concert on Tuesday March 8. This week is a little something I guess they like to call 'Super Tuesday', so we will take a rare week off. But next week is a BIG thing we like to call 'Super Duper Tuesday'. Tell your friends and family. They will not want to miss this event. You deserve to share this great music with a full house. It will be a celebration of your hard work. In the meantime keep listening to quality recordings of our literature and squeeze in some practice as time allows. 

Tuesday March 8 timeline:

6:00 set  up stage, Calico Jazz rehearsal in pit, CICB begins to arrive-individual warm up.

6:30 group warm up and tune - we will run Sabre Dance, Infernal Dance and Themes/French Ballet.

7:00 Downbeat

Ballet du Plaisir


Themes/French Ballet


Calico Jazz will play three selections from the pit during the 'interval'. Feel free to remain seated or sit in audience and enjoy.


Sabre Dance (encore or exit music!)

Teardown and afterglow

After Firebird I will ask our soloists, then the full cicb to stand. Be sure to have Sabre Dance ready. After I leave the stage, please be seatedwhen you see the flute section sit. Ashley will start Sabre Dance on timpani. After Sabre Dance please stand for applause when the flute section stands. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.