"It all started with a mouse." -WD

I'm really looking forward to this Tuesday's rehearsal and the upcoming Disney pops! Be sure to get the word out to your 'framily' to save Tues May 3 for a special event. It's going to be an 'E' ticket!

I think we met our two big goals last week, i.e. be more dynamic and get a better handle on the flow of the concert. These will be our continued goals for this week. With just two rehearsals left, it's vital that everyone be present and on time. Please let your section leader know otherwise.

I'd like to keep the rehearsal order in concert order EXCEPT I'd like to start with the end of Reflections this week - and come back to it at the end. This make this week's rehearsal order look like this:

6:00 Jazz Band rehearsal (last rehearsal downstairs before next week's run through)

7:00 Reflections (starting at 7/4 section in coda)



It's a Small World

Beauty and the Beast

during the break I'd like to run the Sax Feature "Take a Chance" and the fife and drum feature "Downfall of Paris."

Grim Grinning Ghosts


Reflections - all

Mickey Mouse March and Alma Mater

Fantasmic encore version

Let me know if you have any other production ideas. On concert night be sure to bring your mouse ears and any Disney props (bigger=better)