The Happiest Place on Earth

It's already here - dress rehearsal for the last concert of our indoor season. The plan is to play through the entire concert tomorrow night and use whatever time is left over on Reflections and a 'cue to cue'  of the concert (beginning and end of each piece with production notes).

6:00 Big Band rehearsal in auditorium & set up crew on stage. 

7:00 Short warm up and tune followed by run through:


Take a Chance (sax feature)

Pirates of the Caribbean

It’s a Small World

Beauty and the Beast

Grim Grinning Ghosts

Fife and Drum

America, The Beautiful

(big band goes here - 3 charts)

Reflection of Earth

Mickey Mouse March and Alma Mater

Fantasmic encore version

8:05 announcements and break

8:15 Reflections and chunks of other pieces as requested

8:40 cue to cue

9:00 fine' & tear down