Different lens

Hope you are having a great Memorial Weekend. This Tuesday is our last 'full' rehearsal. I will have a sub leading this session, my friend Peter Gepson, director of bands at Glencoe Silver Lake HS. He is a fan of the group and has lent us a ton of music over the years. Have a great rehearsal with Pete - he has a terrific set of ears and is fun to work with. i.e.: he knows his stuff!

After rehearsal, I would be thrilled if you wanted to stop over and take in the last set of my jazz group, Southern Minnesota's Real Big Band. We're playing Jazz Central Studios until 10pm. The club is located at 407 Central Avenue SE in Minneapolis. Should be a fun night. Jason, trumpet from cicb, is also in the band as is my son Matt and trumpet player Brian who is an occasional sub for us. 

I'm looking forward to our summer season. The concert will be as follows:


American Fanfare

Jekyll and Hyde

Concerto for Horn (flute and horns trade seating)



Either Calico Jazz or Overture for Woodwinds and sax feature (Take a Chance)


Gallant 7th

Saterjenten's Sontag

Small World (with guest conductor)


Am the Beautiful

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,