and we're off

It was terrific to to see everyone again and make music with all of you. Looks like season 35 is off and running. I was impressed with your reading of the music for the fall concert. We are going to make one change - we will not be doing the von Weber chamber piece and will replace with Graingers Children's March. We will read this on Tuesday. We will try to start right at 7:00 to be respectful of our time. As always, I understand some may be late due to the commute and schedule, but please feel free to join us as you arrive. 

7:00 Warm up

7:05 Let us Break Bread Together

7:15 Ride

7:40 Do Not Go Gentle

8:05 announcements and break

8:15 Washington Post

8:25 Children's March

8:35 Holst No 2

9:00 Fine

Let me know if you have any questions.