Welcome to the 35th season of the Calhoun Isles Band! I'm excited to see you all again this Tuesday night and make some great music with our terrific band. Thanks to Mary and the new board for getting the season organized and underway. We're going to have a great season. Our first concert will be upon us quickly, Tuesday Oct 18. With just 6 rehearsals, each practice will be vital. As Mary said in her e-mail, it is imperative that each musician be in attendance and punctual. If you can't make it for any reason, please let your section leader know asap. No need to set up empty chairs. Another space saving suggestion: consider sharing a music stand with your band mate. I know some sections need individual stands, but many of us can go two on a folder. 

You will find a couple very challenging pieces passed out this Tuesday. One is RIDE by Samuel Hazo. This is an aggressive opener that I ask you to listen to before Tuesday night:

Another biggie is Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Elliott del Borgo. A wonderful piece that many of you I'm sure have performed. 

The plan this Tuesday is to spend the first hour on the Holst No. 2 (assistant conductor auditions). During the 2nd hour we will read the rest of the concert:

Let Us Break Bread Together by Thomas Root

Ride by Sam Hazo

Any movements left from the Holst No. 2

Do Not Go Gentle by del Borgo

Nearer My God To Thee if time

Washington Post March by Sousa