Sempre Fi

We’re getting a good idea of the challenges of the upcoming Sousa Concert. I’m very excited for this special event. At the bottom of this page is the concert order.


As mentioned at rehearsal, what we need from each player:

-attendance at each rehearsal. (on time as possible!) Bring your stand lights. All help tear down.

-practice as time allows

-listen to quality recordings of this great music

-advertise – we exceeded turnout expectations at the last concert. Let’s keep it up.


For those ready for a bit more:

-join our set up crew before rehearsals and performances

-recruit – still looking tubas, may also need more help in percussion, clarinet and low woodwinds

-promote – a focused effort to sell out the Sousa Concert

-decorations – bunting! Also need someone to print the encore titles in an old fashioned font that will be attached to poster board and set on an easel.


Not sure of the exact line up for Tuesday, but here are the goals:


The Thunderer

Carnival of Venice

Danse Bachanale 76 to end

Dies Irae 60 to end

New World chunks

St Sp Banner pass out and read

Carmen pass out and read

Morceau Symphonique

MN March or Marionette

Battle Hymn (play all vocal cues) 10 to the end

Light Calvary

St & St F







1/17 3

1/24 4

1/31 5

2/7 6

2/14 7

2/21 8

2/28 9 dress




1 Overture Light Cavalry

            encore El Capitan

2 Carnival of Venice

            encore: Sempre Fidelis

3 Carmen

roosters lay eggs

4 Nearer my God

            The Thunderer

5 New World mvt 4




6 Dies Irae

            encore Foshay Tower

7Funeral March of a Marionette

            encore Wash Post

8 Morceau Symphonique

            encore MN March

9 Saint Saens – Samson and Delilah

            encores battle hymn; st & st f; St Sp B