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Sounds like you had a terrific rehearsal last week. My thanks to Mitch as Lori and I spent a week in Arizona visiting my mom and brother. Also thanks to Megan for the beautiful posters. Use them liberally to insure a full house for our very special Sousa Concert. The momentum is building. I know I have invited far more people than ever to this concert and the interest has been high.

We only have 3 actual rehearsals left. This Tuesday (Jan 31), Feb 7 and Feb 14. Obviously these are critical with so much music to prepare. Be sure to write down the changes we make during rehearsals as some things may not be rehearsed again before the concert. Then on Feb 21 we will run straight thru the entire program in order only stopping for major issues. This will be a good test of endurance for us. Feb 28 is our Dress Rehearsal, again playing straight thru the program, but with no stops and using remaining time for last minute requests. On concert night, March 7, the call will be at 6:30 but we will not be rehearsing anything before the concert - only setting up, warming up, tuning and talking thru last minute details.

Any time you can spend practicing and listening to quality recordings will pay off for a memorable concert experience. Do not practice the Battle Hymn as it's been cut from the program. Listed below is the concert order. We will be moving quickly from piece to piece at the concert. 30"-40" before major pieces. 15"-20" before encores.

You will find the order for Tuesday's rehearsal at the bottom of this note. Looking forward to seeing you then. As always, let me know if you have any comments or questions.



1 Overture Light Cavalry

            encore El Capitan

2 trumpet solo

            encore: Sempre Fidelis

3 Carmen

     encore: roosters lay eggs

4 Nearer my God

            The Thunderer

5 New World mvt 4

10 minute intermission

6 Dies Irae

            encore Foshay Tower

7  Funeral March of a Marionette

            encore Wash Post

8 solo Thoughts of Love/Barnacle Bill

            encore MN March

9 Saint Saens – Samson and Delilah

            encores st & st f; St Sp B



Stars & Stripes

New world from Oboe solo 5 to end



Light Cavalry

Samson - end




-if time-


El Capitan

St Sp B