Sousa Style

Thanks for your good work again last Tuesday. We have a great start on a very special Sousa style concert. I appreciate your patience with the Jefferson lighting challenges, currently with 3 working bulbs. The only way to guarantee you will see your music on Tuesdays is to bring your own stand light as you never know when another will burn out! Thank you for your understanding.


Below is the ‘working’ order of music for the Sousa concert, an ambitious 19 pieces. You are encouraged to start spreading the word now. If there was ever a concert we can draw a full house, this is it. Tuesday, March 7!


1 Overture Light Cavalry

            encore El Capitan

2 Carnival of Venice

            encore: Sempre Fidelis

3 Carmen

roosters lay eggs

4 Nearer my God

            The Thunderer

5 New World mvt 4




6 Dies Irae

            encore Foshay Tower

7Funeral March of a Marionette

            encore Wash Post

8 Morceau Symphonique

            encore MN March

9 Saint Saens – Samson and Delilah

            encores battle hymn; st & st f; St Sp B


Some CICB sections are currently in need of additional depth. We are lucky to have great musicians in our clarinet and tuba sections, but we need to add more players. Please help get the word out and let anyone you know to visit our membership page on this site. There are needs in other sections but these are the most pressing.


Keep listening/watching quality recordings of our music and practicing as time allows. I look forward to seeing you all this Tuesday – here is the plan, as always, subject to change. A lot of this will be passed out this Tuesday:

Light Calvary

New World




Foshay Tower

El Capitan

Battle Hymn

Dies Irae

Samson & Delilah