Congratulations to all on an amazing concert. Fantastic that you could give a top notch performance on some difficult music in such a short amount of time. I think it's going to be a good year! The audience, as usual, was very warm and very appreciative. Several mentioned afterward that it was the best the CICB had ever sounded. That's kudos to all of you.


-Sara W for your terrific solo work

-incidental solo work by Catherine, Jeanette, Jason, Colleen, Kristy

-Megan for the program and poster

-Emily, Sam & Laura for emcee-ing

-The clarinets for having a peak performance

-Percussion for pulling off Incantation and Dance

-Everyone that brought audience members


We ARE having rehearsal this coming Tuesday, BUT it is Halloween. Do not even think about coming to rehearsal if you have plans to be with your kids for Halloween. No other excuse to miss is needed. Have fun! And if you want to come for the last part of rehearsal, please join us.

If you can make rehearsal this Tuesday, we are going to enjoy reading music for our upcoming Holidays concert. But I encourage you to have even more fun by coming in costume and bringing treats for your section!

The rehearsal after that is election night, but the board is checking on if it is possible for us to have a short rehearsal after polls close, 8p-9. More info to come. After that there will only be 4 rehearsals and a dress left before the Dec 19 concert.