Digging in

Great rehearsal last Tuesday everyone. Fun to have a fully lit stage. We certainly made the most of it. Good progress made. 

If anyone has some sheet metal lying around - we could use a sheet for Mayflower Ov. Let me know.

Start the invites going for what promises to be a terrific Holiday Concert Dec 19.

We'll see you all Tuesday night starting right at 7. I'd like to ask everyone to help out with the tear down. We need more help hauling the percussion downstairs in addition to stacking and racking of the chairs and stands. And we can always use more help on the set us we bring up the percussion and set up the stage. We start anytime between 6 and 6:30.

Tuesday night looks like this:

Russian 166 to end, then back to beginning


break - set up for Kwanzaa


8th Candle

3 Carols

others if time