Officially Awesome


I know I've said this before, but you are officially awesome. What great attendance on Tuesday, great music made and so many helping set up and tear down. So fun. Thank you all.

If you are considering putting an Christmas ensemble together for the concert, please let Mitch know by this Tuesday so we can work it into the 3 Carols piece.

This Tuesday - last regular rehearsal, next Tuesday - dress. Dec 19 - concert, and an amazing one at that. The recipe remains the same: listen to the recordings on the links in the "as promised" note, practice as time allows, advertise for the concert. And be thinking about what you're going to bring for our traditional Holiday Flair!

Let's do Tuesday this way:

Auld Ange - if you are singing, memorize the lyric, stand up, face the audience, and sing to one person in the audience.

RCM - After a good full run last week, we will just do parts this week



Kwanzaa - We are close to a finished product. If you are interested in playing a conga, please grab one out of the music room downstairs before rehearsal or during intermission.

8th Candle

3 (or more) Carols

Sleigh Ride if time