Concert time


When we started dress rehearsal with Mayflower I was really impressed with the sound of the band. By the time we got to Sleigh Bells I was thinking that the dress rehearsal was almost TOO good for a dress! When we finished Russian Christmas I told myself "Bad dress rehearsal means a good performance, bad dress=performance." Many of you told me you were thinking the same thing! Reflecting on it, I am convinced you are going to have a fantastic performance this Tuesday night. The warm up this Tuesday will devoted to touching up Russian and we will be good to go. Invite your friends to share in our holiday tradition.

After the concert I am asking all of you to PASS IN ALL YOUR MUSIC except the Planets music that was passed out last week. Give your old music to your section leader, section leaders get the music to me. Realize many of these tunes will be coming back to you for use at the Rosemount Concert and for the summer.

Feel free to wear some Holiday swag with your concert black and remember to save the good parking spots for our audience. In the meantime, be sure your horn is ready to go and keep listening to those recordings as your prepare.

Timeline for Tuesday

6:00 Set up

6:15 call - set up, warm up, tune, get your conga from the basement!

6:30 Russian Christmas touch up

6:45 Tune

6:50 Pre Concert Ensembles

7:00 Concert

8:00 Pass in music, Tear down, refreshments provided for band and audience.