Say yes to the Dress


Thanks for your attendance and great work during last Tuesday's storm! The weather outside was frightful, but your music making so delightful. Time to share that with our fans as we head into the Dress Rehearsal this Tuesday. After a short warm up, we will play thru the program in order without stops. After the break we will go back to polish up any problems spots and take requests. As most of your know by now our March concert will be based on music inspired by the planets. The March concert will again be our heavy concert of the year and my goal has been to get the music in your hands before the Christmas break. Since we don't want to deal with passing out music at the concert, I will be passing out most of the planets music to your section leaders this Tuesday. We will not get some of it until Tuesday, so we may not have enough copies for everyone, but should have something for everyone.

Here's the plan for Tuesday:

6:30 set up, ensembles practice in pit if time

6:45 Arrive, Grab a conga, get your planets music, warm up and tune on your own.

7:00 Warm up

7:10 Concert Order:


8th Candle



Sleigh Ride

3 (5) Carols


Auld Ange Syne

break & Announcements

rehearse as time allows

9:00 fine' tear down

9:15 We all need to be out of Jefferson by 9:15