Prep for 2/14 rehearsal

Take a look at this video. It is of Keith Brion (the scholar who has arranged many Sousa marches) directing his 'New Sousa Band'. They dress in period costuming and decorate in the exact way Sousa used to do it. You will see how Sousa would stage the Stars and Stripes Forever - the piccolos, the brass to the front. This is what we are trying to emulate:

Thanks to everyone for pitching in on this special event. We are getting very close the performance day. I have decided to cut the 'A' section in Light Cavalry - we will skip from A to D. As one of you said, it's almost impossible to sound good in this key with a group that only meets once a week. Instead put your practice energies into the Danse Bacchanale and New World.

Remember to bring your stand lights this Tuesday as we have no bulbs left on stage. I have some extras I will bring - if you have extras please bring to share with your band mates. 

Keep the promotions up. Who should you tell? friends, family, friends of your family, family of your friends, co workers, neighbors, gathering places, you name it. Print off some extra posters and put them in your car so you are ready to drop them off at: coffeehouse, restaurants, schools, churches, music store, other stores, telephone poles! And if you have any media contacts, feel free to go for it. Margie has prepared a press release. You may want to tell your fans that the concert will start at 7:00p and will be over around 8:30. We are all on the promotions committee - let's insure a standing room only crowd.

ANNOUNCEMNT: We have an opening in the CICB for baritone saxophone. Eric will be with us for this concert then has some conflicts. If you know someone, have them contact us through the website. You have been tremendous at finding us musicians to fill vacancies.

This Tuesday is our last 'regular' rehearsal, as the next two rehearsals will be run thru's. Again, please come early enough to warm up - we will tune at 7:00 and jump right into the work. Most of the notes are out - we just need some reps. Here's the plan for this Tuesday:

7:00 Samson

7:10 trumpet solo

7:20 New world

7:35 Light cavalry

7:40 Carmen

7:55 St & st

8:05 break

8:15 Roosters

8:20 El cap

8:25 Foshay

8:30 Sempre

8:35 St sp

8:40 Mitch’s time