Prep for Dress


We got through it - you played thru the entire concert, which I felt went very well. Thank you to everyone for being there. We were only down 4 players which is great.

Our biggest challenge is we need to think ahead more - be prepared for what's next. There's still a lot of confusion on repeats, where to come, what piece is next, etc... There will be very little time between pieces - use this time to get the next piece out and remind yourself of the edits. I feel our 2nd biggest challenge is simply confidence. I encourage you to be courageous in this concert. We can do this - we've proven that. Let's all contribute at our highest level. After that we need to be tighter (less ragged) and much more in tune. Both of these require listening and adjusting constantly. 

The order for the dress and the concert are the same as last night. Please keep your music in that order. Main pieces and encores will be played almost back to back. Have them both out on your stand as if they were one. 

The dress rehearsal will go just as the concert in every way except our apparel. If possible, please come a bit early for warm up, some announcements and tuning. We will start right at 7:00 with Mitch's welcome. PLEASE INVITE INTERESTED FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO ATTEND THE DRESS REHEARSAL. A note on 'Roosters' - you can be more animated. Have more fun! It would be awesome to come up with some section choreography. We will stand as a band after the Dvorak, Danse Baccanale and the Star Spangled Banner. Spend your practice time this week on the Dvorak and the Bacchanale (and brass be sure you have the Stars & Stripes memorized).

The promotions goal this week is to go deeper - time for posters to go up, and invitations to go further. If you have any connections at local sr housing, let them know about it. And if you have any media contacts, by all means go for it!

We need some volunteers from your family and friends at the concert. 2 people to guard doors 1 and 2 so our audience can get in. 3 people to usher. Anyone know a good videographer? Could also use a photographer to take pictures during the concert and snap a formal from the balcony after.

We are starting planning for the next concert, our annual POPS, this year themed "...and now your Local News!" I have a WCCO personality lined up to be our emcee. It's going to be another fun event with some great music. But we are at a point we need to recruit some additional players to complete our roster. If you know interested musicians, please have them contact us through our website. We currently have immediate vacancies in these sections:


clarinet (up to 3)

bari sax


percussion (up to 3)

Additional members on bassoon, bass clarinet, horn, trombone and tuba would also be considered.

Thank you everyone for your hard work preparing for this concert. It will pay off in a rewarding and memorable performance. I can't wait. See you Tuesday - and as always, if you have any questions or suggestions you can reach me at