Tuesday is the big day. Thank you all for your hard work these past couple months. It's time to celebrate with a memorable concert. Some final thoughts as we prepare, beginning with "What to Wear"

All black, no colors as all, no white, no gray

TOP – black, dressy, collared, long sleeves, button down (top button buttoned if comfortable), no tie or scarf . Black coat if available.

BOTTOM – black pants, dress pants if possible. women – pants preferred over skirt, if wearing a skirt consider length and wear black hose

SHOES – black, dress, shined, closed toe (avoid sandals)

SOX – black please, since we play on an elevated stage the audience sees our sox, when they are white or colored, it’s noticed!

OTHER conservative hair style, facial hair is in, other than a watch and ring, avoid jewelry especially necklace and bracelets. 

OVERALL think conservative and professional. Nothing modern



PROMOTION - time to remind your early invitees of the dates, and be sure to text those you most want to come on the day of the concert.

PREP - last minute practice is always helpful, especially on the Dvorak. You've done a terrific job getting the Danse Bacchanale worked up. Spend some time with a tuner and make sure your horn is in superior condition. Shine it up if you have a minute. And don't forget to take care of your self the day of the concert. Good rest and good nourishment. 

PLAN on parking away as we expect a large audience. Call time is seated and tuned by 6:30. We still need some volunteers if you have family that would like to help us out.

UPCOMING Keep recruiting as we have immediate openings in clarinets and percussion and will have openings starting this summer for oboe and bari sax.

See you Tuesday