Congratulations everyone on a very memorable concert. Terrific work on some very difficult music. You performed 18 pieces nearly back to back with tons of edits. I'm really impressed with your work and attitude during this whole concert cycle. Amazing. And the audience just LOVED it. They couldn't get enough. What fun. Hopefully they will tell their friends and we'll have even more in attendance at the Pops Concert. I'm anxious to hear your reaction and those of your friends and family.

KUDOS to our featured soloists Kari and Chris. Thank you for your extra preparation and your professional performance out in front. Kudos to Mitch for your conducting, introducing, tuba playing and especially for your graceful retrieval of your baton! Kudos to Megan and Jason for your extended solos in the music as well. A lot of wonderful performances. Kudos to Megan for making the program in the image of an actual Sousa program and for providing the Encore placards. And Kudos to Sally for taking on the challenge of getting all that music prepared for us!

THANK YOU to all for your help and cooperation with the stage and auditorium set up. I loved the risers, I thought the auditorium looked especially clean without the coats and cases out, and people who sat in the balcony really enjoyed that site line and sound. And we had good lighting to boot. And you all looked terrific in your classic black - everything was done very professionally. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

This Tuesday is our reading session of the annual spring Pops Concert, this year titled "...and now, Your Local News!" The show will be emceed by WCCO TV personality Kylie Bearse. She is looking forward to joining us. They are also planning on having a film crew at the concert to show some highlights on the WCCO evening news! I'm excited to share the music and the concept with you on Tuesday. We will have the reading session, 5 rehearsals (no rehearsal on spring break 4/4) and the dress rehearsal before the May 9th concert. What a 35th anniversary year it's been for CICB. 

We may try out yet another new seating chart (there is no perfect way to seat a band!) Please let me or your section leader know if you cannot attend this or any rehearsal as it's always disheartening to be sitting among empty chairs - plus it gives us more room to eliminate the empty chairs.

As always. let me know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend. You deserve it.