Do you 'have the runs?'

Good work to everyone last week. Big Band, full band. We're getting close to be ready for our annual Pops concert. For the next 3 weeks the music will always be in concert order:


Light Cavalry



Hooked on TV Reruns


(break - horn Mission quote on and off)

(Jazz Band)

Blue Tango

Skol Vikings

Early Light


Mision Tag

A few 'asks' of you. Be sure to listen to a recording of Early light. Be sure to be early for rehearsal this Tuesday to get set, warm up and tune on your own before we start at 7:00. Be sure to advertise the concert. I'm convinced if we all ask at least 10 people we will have a great crowd. And I'm convinced the best ways to do this are asking everyone you know, use your social media and put up posters. Thanks for your help with these 3 things.

BIG BAND - we will meet in the auditorium again this week at 6:00.

Have a great week!