Pops Perfection

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the wonderful concert you gave last Tuesday night! You created such great memories for the band and the audience. A very rewarding performance and the crowd was so appreciative. The pops concert is becoming a bit of a 'thing' which is cool. 

Kudos to:

-Margie for your typewriter soloing ability!

-the first clarinets for not giggling during the concert!

-Ari, Sarah and all of our soloists. Great job

-Mitch for your warm up, conducting and announcing

-the Jazz Band. I had a lot of great comments on your performance. Very fun. May couldn't believe you did that in just 3 rehearsals.

-The horns for playing us into and out of the commercial and for wearing really cool fireman hats for Fire!

-everyone on a very musical and fun performance - I look forward to your thoughts and comments on Tuesday

-and of course to our anchor, Kylie. She really enjoyed the experience. I will bring a thank you card on Tuesday for everyone who wants to sign.

It was fun to see all the smiles after the concert. I've seen such a quick and genuine reaction to a concert. And so many people really loved the Prince medley! Maybe we should hit the road!

I'm anxious to start working on music for our summer series. We only have 3 rehearsals before our first concert at Como - plus a couple more after to polish the entire program. NOTE: we will be rehearsing in the basement for the rest of the season due to the light issue in the auditorium. We will need some extra help setting up. 

See you Tuesday!