Big Week

Hope you are having a good Holiday weekend. Good job last week everyone. Thanks for being flexible with the rehearsal set up. In the end, we got a lot done. We have one more rehearsal (Tuesday) before we debut our summer program (Sunday). At this time it looks like we will be downstairs in the caf for the rest of the year. Both the rehearsal and the summer program will be in this order. It should be fun.

Reflections on the City of Lakes

Minnesota March (Sousa)

Arikara (Marshall)

War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings (Reed)

Lis Escoubo (French)

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota (Lake)

St Anthony Chorale

Into the Clouds (Saucedo)

Charlie Brown

Foshay Tower March (Sousa)

Polka Band (need some dancers!)

Hallelujah (Cohen)

Escapade for Trombones (Bencriscutto)

Skol Vikings

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray)